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Most marketing companies will just SELL you a fish. 

I will teach you HOW TO FISH!




Frankie Botelho is close to retirement and is looking for the right person or company to take over Mastermind Alliance Group.

All training materials and websites are part of the package.  Complete training is included on every aspect of this business.

For more information contact Frankie at (916) 929-6966 or



          "Hey Frankie! As always, it was great talking to you today. I always come away with another nugget or two when we speak!"

          Kim K.  - Abatement Technologies, Inc.


"Your program is all "Meat". I'm not wasting money for filler material. Everything you send to me is pertinent to the business at hand. You are a refreshing change from the other so-called "gurus" who look at us as an annuity, always trying to sell something."

Mike H. - NY


"In the 15 years of being in the water damage industry and being exposed to every marketing program that is available, I can say that your program is by far the most thorough, yet simple program to grow our business!"

Jeff J. - OH


"There's only one word in the English language that truly expresses my gratitude ... Thanksawholelot!

Tony B. - CA


"Your program is even more than I had bargained for!"

Keith G. - FL


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    "Celebrating our 25th year welcoming many to success!"




We provide consulting for any and all companies needing help in 



Marketing  -  Sales  -  Advertising  














All of our programs, training, workshops, and consulting are now





done online for your convenience and savings








We don't have a "Fly With The Eagles" type of program that unfairly burdens you with additional costs just for continued contact. Once you are a Mastermind client there are no extra charges for our help after your training is completed.







You will have access to our consultants any time you need us. 

















Three of our most affordable programs:












Fast Start Marketing Workshop  -  2 Day Training Seminar for $729




Better than group workshops or seminars, we give you 16 full hours of personalized one on one training.




 Learn about agents, adjusters, property managers, plumbers, and how to enhance your website.














Web Site Assistance  -  as low as $1200 for a working website





With complete Contents Management Software included















Marketing Manager  -  $329 per month





Contact with your salesperson twice a week to guide them and keep them focused.






One hour per each contact including itineraries and call reports.


















"The Three Day Ultimate Workshop"

This Three Day (24 full hours) Online Ultimate Workshop consists of everything you would ever need to know about restoration marketing. Right down to who are your best target markets, what to do, what to say, when to say it, and how best to convey your marketing message. We show you and/or your salespeople how best to use your time to get the maximum benefit. This advanced marketing system will give you four times the results, compared to any other system available to you on the market today. Includes our Marketing Manual and all written materials needed to be successful in today's market.




You can receive the online training in 16 2-hour phone sessions using your computer as the classroom. This will save you from having to spend extra dollars on travel. lodging, and other expenses.

$ 2997.00 Single Student Rate


 HALF PRICE Additional Employees

Larger Group quotes available










For more information call 916/929-6966









  We offer Customized Consulting and Training Programs 


specializing in the following types of companies:



  Insurance Restoration Contractors


       Fire / Water / Mold Damage   


    Carpet Cleaning Companies 


Individuals Looking to Advance in Restoration Marketing



"Thank you again for all of your help. It was extremely instrumental in me securing my new position, as well as better understanding the industry. Once my training is complete, I look forward to working more with you in the future!"

Chris Wiggins - TX

 Janitorial & Maintenance 


  General & Sub Contractors






We also offer Training Programs for these individuals: 


Insurance Agents


Sales People / Inside & Outside


Sales People / Any Service or Product





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"In GOD We Trust"


"There is no complete manual for restoration marketing success. The Road to Success is always under construction!"



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