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"Most marketing companies will just SELL you a fish. 

I will teach you HOW TO FISH!"


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"What Our Clients Say"


I wanted to say THANKS for all of the help you have provided to us over the last several weeks. Your knowledge and experience are unmatched, and I am enjoying putting your plan and ideas into action. Things are going very well here, and I hope the same for you!

From all of us at  ServiceMaster in Hawaii - MAHALO for your services!

Jessica  -  8/14



"Business is picking up. Alan is making his rounds. He seems to be enjoying himself. Little by little things are improving. We are getting a great reaction to the hi boy presentation. Lots of positive comments about how it looks and its contents. The million dollar bill is also a hit. We appreciate all the ideas and information you have given us."

Mary, Bernie, and Brooke S.  -  5/11



"Thank you again for all of your help. It was extremely instrumental in me securing my new position, as well as better understanding the industry. Once my training is complete, I look forward to working more with you in the future!"

Chris Wiggins       TX  -  10/08



"Thank you for taking the time out to help me with getting my business started. All of your time, talent, and effort that you spent with me was greatly appreciated.

I appreciate the enormous amount of literature and paperwork that you supplied to me in this field. Your thoughtful consideration of time and talent has boosted me and helped my business grow. Your program is a true success for my business!

You are a true professional in this field and I would like to say again, "Thank You" for all you have done for me."

Jimmy Kolomiyets       Emergency Response Restoration, FL  -  9/07        



"I want to thank you for the difference you have made in my restoration business. You have an organizational plan that, when worked, allows me to make between 250-300 personal contacts a month with Insurance agents and adjusters, plumbers, and other contractors. You have also provided scripts and letters, highlighting "What's in it for them", which has made it easier to make contact with each referral source. You have also made it easy to approach businesses. Your unique ideas make it easy for us to get the job before the franchises do.

You add a personal touch, showing interest in the growth of both me and my business. Your program is all "meat". I'm not wasting my money on filler material. Everything you send to me is pertinent to the business at hand. You are a refreshing change from the other so-called "gurus" who look at us as an annuity, always trying to sell something. Even though we are a small company, we are on the vendor programs of Travelers, Liberty Mutual, and State Farm. We are also referred by all of the top independent insurance companies in our area.  All thanks to you!

Thank you, Frankie. You have made the difference. I'm proud to call you my friend."

Mike Hogan, President       First Call Emergency Water Removal     Stormville, NY  -  4/08




"In the 15 years of being in the water damage industry and being exposed to every marketing program that is available, I can say that your program is by far the most thorough, yet simple, program to grow our business!

Frankie's knowledge and experience in disaster restoration combined with his marketing background has provided us with a program that is not only easy to implement, but it focuses on the human element of our business, as well as building relationships.

Any company that is seriously considering implementing a marketing program, or revamping their existing program should consider Frankie Botelho for their company."

Jeff Jackson, Owner       DryPro Water Damage Recovery Specialists     Cincinnati, OH  -  4/07



"I've been wanting to drop you a quick note just to say how much I really enjoyed your program. I appreciate all the time you spent with me going over everything. Your program is even more than I had bargained for. 

I spoke to Darryl, who called me the other day, about the ServiceMaster franchise he was looking at. I told him he should take your program first and he might find that he will not need ServiceMaster after after implementing your ideas. Please feel free to have any of your clients contact me if they have any questions, and don't forget to look me up when you are in Florida so we can go fishing."

Keith Grella, Owner       ServiceMaster by Glenn     Palm Beach, FL  -  6/08




"Thanks for being my friend AND my mentor! Your time is priceless and there is no way I could ever afford to pay with money the value that I get from the time I spend with you. If these guys could ever get a clue they would see your value. Their loss is my gain!

Thanks from your pupil and friend!"

Tony Belcher, IH, CHMS, Owner       Wes-Tech Environmental     Sacramento, CA  -  7/08




"After being semi-retired, I decided to get back into my business full time. My daughters are old enough now to take an interest in the company. I hired a long-time business associate, Frankie Botelho, to teach my oldest daughter marketing, sales, and advertising. I also had Frankie help find and hire our Marketing Director. In a one day seminar he worked with our Project Managers to better understand their role in our marketing and sales programs.

I would recommend Frankie Botelho to any restoration company needing help in these areas."

Butch Carpenter, CR President       Ideal Drying Inc.     So. San Francisco, CA   -  8/06




"Just a note to thank you and tell you how much I enjoyed our time together. Your industry and marketing knowledge is obvious. As a business owner, many times you have ideas about how you want to accomplish something but having the time to sit down and and put together a solid plan never happens. 

You did that for us. You brought in a solid, proven marketing plan and helped relate it to our unique situation. I can't wait to apply your strategies and make it happen!" 

Skip Nelson, V. P.     Quantum Fire and Water Restoration     Bloomington, MN  -  06/02




"In August of 1997 we started working with the MasterMind Alliance Group. At that time we only had a part time marketing person who was virtually on her own. As the owner of several companies including Injectidry Systems, I had limited time and ability to guide and direct her activities. What we discovered was that she was frustrated with a lack of specific input as to what I could and should supply her for making presentations, etc. I was frustrated with her lack of production. Her job was on the line.

What we discovered was truly amazing. The fault was not with her but with a lack of direction and guidance. She responded positively, became more organized and confident, but best of all she started producing consistent results.

Your program is a lifelong part of our company. I feel that the MasterMind Alliance Group system can take a person of only average ability and educate, discipline, and make a good to great producer out of chaos. Yours is the only cohesive and consistent program that I have ever seen. Please feel free to use Bales Restoration as a reference anytime!"

Ernie Storer,  President     Bales Restoration Services     Redmond, WA  -  6/98




"Your two day marketing workshop has provided us with the information we needed to position Stanley Steemer's water extraction service within the Insurance Industry. Your guidance has allowed us to to begin to use our economy of scale, and we are currently working with individual states to become certified in providing continuing education credits for agents and adjusters.

I truly appreciated your candid approach toward training. Your personalized approach allowed us to get the specific information we needed, as well as provided insight into how the insurance industry works. Additionally, I am grateful for the time you took to review and critique our materials. I believe you have helped to make them stronger.

Please feel free to have any prospective clients contact me for a personal testimonial. I believe your help will grow their business!  Thanks again!"

Chuck Hickman,  Mgmt.  Education Administrator     Stanley Steemer Intl. Inc.  -  10/00




"I am writing this letter to highly recommend Frankie Botelho and The MasterMind Alliance Group. I have been in the Insurance Restoration busines for over 15 years and I have tried using the materials given in several other well known marketing plans. I have found Frankieís sales program to be, by far, the most thorough, and his training methods to be vastly superior to anything else I have seen.

I have been implementing the marketing strategies taught by Frankie Botelho in his seminars for the last 18 months. The first year my business volume tripled from roughly $300,000 per year to over $900,000 with better profit margins than I have ever had before!

We are on track to double our sales again this year, with sales projections of over $2 million. Many thanks to Frankie Botelho and The Mastermind Alliance Group!"

Joe Rivera,  President       Chem-Free Restoration Co.     Port Costa, CA   -  11/99




"I just wanted to drop you a note to say "Thank You" for the 1st class quality sales seminar you put on for us last Spring here in New York. As you are aware, my expertise is in the marketing area, specializing in the insurance damage repair industry for the last 25 years.

Your program provided us with a clear cut, easy to follow system that taught us the entire marketing process as it relates to the fire and water damage repair industry. I recommend your course wholeheartedly to anyone looking to increase their share of the insurance repair market. Please feel free to give out my name to any of your prospective companies. Best wishes for your continued success and good health!"

Philip J. McLaughlin, CR  President       The McLaughlin Corp.    Farmingdale, NY   -  9/99




"I would like to express my appreciation for the fine job you did in assisting my entire staff to improve in many areas. Your help in training, hiring, insurance industry marketing, and more was a great addition to our already successful team."

Butch Carpenter, CR President       Ideal Restoration Inc.     So. San Francisco, CA   -  11/93




"I have, and I will continue to highly recommend Frankie Botelho and The MasterMind Alliance Group. Just over a year ago Four Star put itís faith and trust in him and the results have been tremendous! He has developed a sales plan that really DOES work!

After he started our actual marketing program, and got it off the ground, he placed ads in several local newspapers. He also wrote the job description, did the interviews, and made his recommendation as to who we should hire to run our program in-house. He then trained our new salesperson from "A to Z" in an easy to understand way exactly how to market our services to insurance agents, adjusters, and property managers.

It does not end there, though. In addition to being a great teacher he is also a great motivator, and all of this is what makes it work. In the short period of time that I have worked with him I have also developed a good friendship with him, and thatís the last piece of the puzzle. The man has heart and I will do anything I can to help his company continue to be a success!"

Cary Adler,  President       Four Star Cleaning and Restoration     Fremont, CA   -  6/97




"Frankie Botelho is a "Master Mind" in marketing and sales training for the cleaning and restoration industry. He has earned my respect and that of my entire organization. His programs work and have been refined over the last twenty years. Unlike many others in his field, Frankie is a do-er, not merely a talker. His results are evidence of that!

I have used Frankie and I recommend his services to anyone wanting to develop a consistent marketing strategy for their business. Competition is more fierce than ever nowadays and I feel that it is a good investment to utilize the skills, experience, and the street smarts of a consultant like Mr. Botelho."

Jeff Farley, President       Custom Cleaning and Restoration     Fairfield, CA  -  02/97




"I wanted to take time to write you personally and let you know how pleased I am with your program and the results it has yielded. In May we attended your sales and marketing seminar where you demonstrated the methods involved to obtain positive results. Your enthusiastic and humorous approach in delivering the material not only made it interesting and fun, but it definitely created excitement within our company!

Because we are an aggressive company, we have literally taken your program and implemented it to the fullest. In fact, yours is the only such program we have seen that takes a complete, well thought out approach to marketing. Our results have been nothing less than astounding!

We implemented your program in May of this year and over the past five months we have increased our business by $362,000! Since this was during Spring and Summer, and the program was new to us, we expect to see even more of an increase during Winter. We are projecting well over a MILLION DOLLARS of increased business from this program in the first year alone! This is definitely a program that absolutely does produce amazing results!"

Rick Stonell,  President       The CURE Water Damage     Seattle, WA   -  11/99




"Several months ago we were in need of some consulting advice. As our matter was very important in relation to the strategic positioning of our company, we proceeded cautiously with the selection of our consultant. We were not sure whom we should turn to, until it was suggested that we contact Mr. Frankie Botelho and The MasterMind Alliance Group.

We were very fortunate that the person we chose was, indeed, Mr. Botelho. We found him to be extremely professional and knowledgeable, and he impressed us with the way he approached our project. He was very timely, discreet, and thorough. His final resolution gave us choices which made good sense, and we felt very comfortable that we had received the best business advice available.

I would strongly recommend Mr. Botelho and his company to anyone in need of excellent consulting and advice."

Veny Pirochta,  General Manager      Coit Services, Inc.     Burlingame, CA   -  6/97




"My business needed a marketing and sales company that could help us increase our commercial and residential insurance work, which had been sagging over the last two years. As we are located in a very rural area, most of the agents and adjusters in my market are based 50 to 100 miles away. I did not have the time or the initiative to meet with them all personally to explain the value of using our company.

Frankie came on board about one year ago. At that time our sales, production, finances, and employee attitude were all in a sad state. He gave our company many fresh new ideas to use at what I consider to be a very affordable rate. We began using the marketing techniques that we had been taught in his seminars and workshops. Sales began increasing almost immediately, some in areas of our restoration company that we had never even considered.

I truly believe that Frankie Botelho and The MasterMind Alliance Group have such a wealth of knowledge that they will continue to be an important asset to our company for a long time to come!"

Dale Woodward, CR  President     Sierra Steamway Restorations     Columbia, CA   -  9/98     



"What Some of our Students Say" 


"Frankie, thanks for everything. I appreciate all of your insight and I look forward to working with you!

Nicole Carpenter from Ideal Drying Inc.  -  So. San Francisco, CA   -  7/06

"Julie and I wanted to thank you a million for doing a great job here in Seattle for our insurance agents' continued education classes. We look forward to working with you now and in the future!"     

Rich and Julie from The Cure Water Damage Co.  -  Seattle, WA


"Frankie, you are awesome! Thank you so much for your sincere concern for making my sales career a success. I am looking forward to our future endeavors. Thanks again!"

Pamela A. from A.B.R. Inc.  -  San Ramon, CA



     Our biggest clients nationwide are Insurance Restoration companies. 


"What we specialize in and what we know best is Sales, Marketing, and Advertising.  

Our methods can be applied to virtually any and all businesses that want to grow! "


Here are some other businesses that we have helped:


"I needed a business manager with a background in advertising to work within my company. Frankie handled our radio ads, print ads, and TV ads. He also trained our office staff, developed our Policies and Procedures manual, made commercial sales calls, acted as our Public Relations representative, and also kept us in great spirits during some trying times.

He contributed greatly to my family-owned plumbing and heating company. I am looking forward to working with Frankie Botelho again on future projects and I recommend him highly!"

James Mitchell, President       Mitchell's Plumbing, Inc.     Watsonville, CA  -  04/02




"Frankie, I don't know how to thank you and F. L. Botelho and Associates! To be honest, we were very reluctant to hire a consultant, but thank God I did! Not only have our sales increased by nearly three times, but some of the creative marketing ideas that  you suggested have saved us lots of time and money. I highly recommend Frankie Botelho and his associates to any company trying to increase their sales. He is truly a MasterMind at Sales and Marketing!"

Jim Petulla , President       Radio Connection     Hollywood ,CA   -  03/00




"F.L Botelho and Associates was the extra boost The Broadcast Workshop needed to get us out of a marketing slump and a procedural inefficiency. With their help our profits jumped from $5000 to $20,000 per week, within the first three months! 

I would certainly recommend the courtesy, experience, and professionalism of F. L. Botelho and Associates to any firm in need of his marketing skills!"

Phillip Trout, Founder       The Broadcast Workshop     Honolulu, HI   -  05/87




"I needed a marketing and sales company that could give me an extra hand. My retail sales for tires and wheels were sagging and there was no walk in business to speak of.

Frankie Botelho helped with a complete advertising program using radio and print. He also helped in recruiting the right employees for my business. He was also able to objectively analyze the business and provide new ideas to meet the needs of our retail customers. For example, we extended our business hours resulting in 14 more hours of selling per week without having to add any new employees! He also analyzed and reorganized my inventory to provide far greater turnover and profitability.

I would recommend F.L. Botelho and Associates to anyone that needs fresh ideas to increase sales at a competitive price, with guaranteed results!"

Tom Stryker, President       Di Salvo Brothers Tires and Wheels     San Jose, CA   -  12/87




"We have been working with Frankie Botelho and using his marketing program for the last 18 months. During that time he has displayed a unique ability to identify and solve problems within our company. He has been instrumental in streamlining our marketing department. His extensive experience in smoke, water, and fire damage restoration has been a valuable asset to us. 

I feel that his services would be of great value to virtually any company. He is loyal and always places the welfare of his clients above all else. His patience with employees and his ability to communicate with management make him an ideal choice to work with any business. I plan to stay on his program for a long time to come! 

Any company considering the services of F. L. Botelho and Associates has my most enthusiastic recommendation. If their performance here is any indication, they are destined to achieve new heights in the Restoration Industry!"

Gunn Patel, Owner       Bestway Drycleaners     Sacramento, CA   -   04/98




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